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Why does Windows XP freeze during installation?
It can have a variety of reasons.  Assuming there are no error messages and that it freezes (not restarts or shuts down), it is likely related to hardware, or a faulty CD.

What can I do to fix it?
  1. First, try another CD of the same type if you can find one.
  2. Look at the CD to see if it has scratches and try to carefully clean the CD
  3. If possible, try it in another CD drive, and make sure that the data cables for both the CD/DVD drive and hard disk drive are firmly in place on the device and motherboard, as well.  You may want to try different cables as well.
  4. Test your random access memory (RAM) - tutorial here  If it is bad, test until you determine which piece, called a stick, is faulty.  Remove that stick (or those sticks) and try again.
  5. Remove all the unnecessary hardware and try installing.  The hardware you will need:
    • CPU and cooling device
    • CD-ROM Drive (only the one you are using)
    • Hard disk drive (only the one you are installing to)
    • One stick of RAM
    • The motherboard
    • Graphics output either through the motherboard or with a graphics card
    • Power supply hooked up to all the above components that need it.
  6. Try switching some parts with compatible ones if you have extras, but make sure that they are compatible, and do not try to switch too many or switch motherboards.
  7. If none of the above works, throw the PC out the window (just kidding), you may want to try asking for help on an online forum or computer repair shop.

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